Cyber Programs

Cyber Insurance Programs

Not Your Typical Cyber Policy

We offer tech-driven services that make businesses safer.

Our application process includes an automated assessment of IT security and provides you with a detailed report on the findings. Since the risk environment is constantly being altered, the carrier will send alerts about any vulnerabilities that arise during the policy term. Additional services include a free phishing test, security awareness training, and much more.

The annual cost of these services from third-party providers would cost thousands of dollars. They are included at no cost to the insured under our cyber insurance program.

Corvus Cyber Program

• URL Driven Underwriting
• Supports client profiles of up to $2B in Revenue
• $10M in limits
• Easy underwriting with 7 questions
• Non-Admitted
• No balance sheet or underwriting risk
• Agency billed

Cowbell Cyber Program

• 1st & 3rd Party Coverage
• Cyber crime coverage: computer & funds transfer fraud, social engineering
• Ransomware
• Business interruption
• Limit: up to $5 or $15M
• Prime 250 product
• $10M in limit – coverage and limit options available
• Robust & customized policy form
• Risk assessment
• Proactive loss control
• Admitted Policy Form in 39 states
• Accounts up to $1B in Revenue
• 9 million accounts in platform ready to be quoted

Recent wins:
• Construction / Contractors
• Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Health Care
• Professional Offices
• Non-Profit

• Data aggregators
• Online gambling
• Online trading platforms
• Payment processors
• Social networking platforms
• Crypto currency operations

Decus Cyber Program

• URL Driven Underwriting
• Supports client profiles of up to $50M in revenues
• $5M in limits
• Easy underwriting with 7 questions
• Non-admitted
• Annual Revenues up to $50M
• Limits available from $50,000 to $5,000,000

Coverage Highlights:
• Full 1st and 3rd party coverage
• Full limits bricking
• Cyber-crime, telephone fraud, and invoice manipulation coverage available
• Ransom – monies, securities, and virtual currency covered
• No waiting period, monetary deductible only
• Deductible waiver for first responder services

Industry Sectors:
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Legal
• Hotels
• Real estate

Servicing & Processing:
• Instant indication
• Formal terms within 24 hours
• Binders, policy, and invoices all processed via the platform

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